Committee Structure
TTRP Standing Committees

Finance & Audit Committee

Core duties to include participating in and overseeing: the development of the organization's budgeting and financial planning, the creation of the organization's internal controls, the preparation and distribution to the board of timely, accurate, and user-friendly financial report. Comply with federal, state and other requirements. Work with the accounting and audit firm.

Committee Members

Nominating Committee

Core duties to include oversight of Board member orientation, acclimating/introducing Board members, solicit prospects for Board nominees, sharing prospects at Board meetings. Develop assessment of how well each candidate aligns with TTRP mission and objectives. Identify gaps in Board skills and develop succession planning process.

Committee Members

Strategic Planning Committee

Core duties annual reviewing/developing of the strategic plan and recommending updates as needed based on changes in the market, community needs, and other factors. Reviewing and forwarding to the board strategic plans of subsidiary organizations to assure they are aligned with the system’s strategic direction and goals. Reviewing new programs and services. Developing criteria for management to use in evaluating potential investments. Assisting in development of a TTRP strategic dashboard of key indicators.

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Building & Operation Committee

Core duties to broadly provide oversight to ensure the adequacy and condition of capital assets, to develop and periodically review policies, to support the future development/buildout of TTRP and to ascertain that adequate levels of funding exist for plant maintenance and operations. in collaboration with the staff. Responsible for assuring that the structure, systems, equipment and facilities are properly maintained, replaced and rehabilitated, consistent with the architectural integrity and historic character of the building.

Committee Members

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