Ogallala Greens is a hydroponic greenhouse that offers a variety of produce delivered right from the greenhouse to the doorstep. 

The greenhouse offers pesticide-free produce that is locally grown with options like kale, lettuce and more. 

“They’re incredibly delicious, they’re packed with flavor and they’re colorful. It’s just so much fun to be in an environment where there’s colorful, fast growing plants all the time,” said Cory Roof, Owner and Operator of Ogallala Greens. 

Ogallala Greens started on the Texas Tech University campus by Austin Ochoa and Roof. The greenhouse is a part of the Texas Tech Accelerator program which provides funding and training for entrepreneurs to launch their startups. Ogallala Greens has now received up to $40,000 of funding and has previously won the Rising Star award from the CEA awards. 

“They’ve done everything from guidance on how to finance it to how to target our specific markets and we really owe a lot to them,” said Roof. 

Ogallala Greens is grown on a hydroponic system that uses 90% less water than traditional farming methods and is available online from subscriptions that are delivered to homes or restaurants. 

The local hydroponic system allows the produce to have a longer shelf life by reducing travel as they’re hand-picked the day before they’re delivered. 

“Well, you know, the produce in Lubbock is less than desirable, It’s often not very nutritious and limp. And that’s the result of it coming in on a truck from over 1000 miles away often from California or Mexico and we are trying to enter a domestic food scene here in West Texas,” said Roof.

Ogallala hopes to offer the community a substitute to the traditional grocery produce. 

“The culture in West Texas is really kind of coming into its own right now but a culture needs a cuisine and we really want to be the backbone of the produce for the cuisine scene here in West Texas,” said Roof.

To find out how to sign up for Ogallala Greens subscription produce or to try out a Sampler pack you can head to their website here

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