Seraph Hub Fuel Fund

The Seraph Hub Fuel Fund is an initiative supported by nine organizations that believe in creating opportunities to fund innovative startups is essential for the strength and prosperity of our local economy.

The Seraph Hub Fuel Fund invests in seed-stage companies in high-opportunity technology markets (with a focus on agriculture) that can attract follow-on capital, create high-growth companies primarily in West Texas, and generate strong financial returns. The Seraph Hub Fuel Fund plans to invest in 25-35 Ag-Tech startups, investments ranging from $100k-$250k.

Texas Tech Research Park, INC.

Seraph Hub Fuel Fund

A venture capital fund backing high growth startups to generate attractive returns. 



Agriculture Technology Ventures



Talent and Innovation



Texas Collaborations Across the U.S.

Engaging and enabling innovative AGRI-preneurs to transform economies

We support rural West Texas by providing seed investments for AgTech startups to revolutionize the industry.

Ag-Technology Areas:

  • Big Date Analytics
  • Biotechnology
  • Emerging Contaminants & Nanomaterials
  • Food
  • Forecasting
  • Imaging
  • Logistics
  • Mapping
  • Natural Resource Sustainability
  • Packaging
  • Plant & Animal Breeding
  • Recycling
  • Satellite & Atmospheric Predictability
  • Sensor & Chip Io T
  • Smart Electronics
  • Software
  • Supply Chain Technologies
  • Water & Environmental Technologies
  • Wind Engineering & Mitigation

Seraph Hub Fuel Fund FAQ

Seraph Hub Fuel Fund (“the Fund”) provides a variety of resources that work together to accelerate the progress of high-potential entrepreneurial companies. Hub Fuel’s primary resource areas include:

• Services – Advisors, mentors and talent recruiters who can help entrepreneurs develop their ideas and grow their businesses.
• Investment – Provide funding for startups ranging from $100k – $250k
• Connections – A network of agriculture related collaborators and service partners that provide additional entrepreneurial resources and investment opportunities.

If this is the first time you’ve connected with the Fund or one of its network collaborators, the process begins by filling out our on-line application. 
Filling out the online application begins a process that allows the Fund to learn more about your business/idea and determine how the Fund may help you. If you have already filled out an online application, please note the following:

• If you have previously engaged with someone at the Fund and would like to reconnect, please contact that individual directly or send an email to Ganga.Baskar@ttu.edu for assistance in connecting with the Seraph Hub Fuel Fund.
• If you are already engaged with one of the Fund’s network collaborators (Truno, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, PCG, PCCA, LAN, Seraph or LEDA) please encourage your network collaborator to reach out to Hub Fuel staff on your behalf to share details and to determine the most appropriate next steps.

Here are the following topics we fund related to agriculture: Natural resource sustainability, Water and environment technology, Emerging contaminants and Nano-materials, Satellite and atmospheric predictability, Forecasting, Sensor and chip IoT, Software, Packaging, Food, Supply chain technologies, Smart electronics, Recycling, Logistics, Wind engineering and mitigation, Plant and animal breeding, Biotechnology, Imaging or mapping, Big data analytics. 

At this time, the Fund is only investing in opportunities within the agriculture space. However, Hub Fuel may be able to help you identify other industry-appropriate funding opportunities and/or provide advice on how to accelerate your progress.

Hub Fuel invests in entrepreneurs focused on agriculture breakthrough, market-driven technologies that have significant potential to attract follow-on capital, create high-growth companies and generate financial returns. Key criteria desired when considering investing are:

• Experienced leadership/teams that are passionate, curious, coachable, collaborative and motivated.
• Product-market fit and early revenue traction
• Sustainable competitive advantages from patents, trade secrets, differentiated business models, etc.
• Large addressable markets (ideally $100M+) that are experiencing rapid growth.
• Capital efficient business models that require limited capital to commercialize solutions and achieve an exit and return on investment.
• Deep understanding and defendable clear path to exit

Once a company moves into a formal due diligence process with the Fund’s Investment team, they should expect that this process will likely take 30 – 45 days, although this timeline can vary. Companies that move into due diligence are not assured of receiving an
investment as the due diligence process involves activities that will inform an investment decision. If during the due diligence process it becomes apparent that a company does not meet the criteria for investment, the due diligence process will be terminated at that time. Note that in addition to investing in tech startups, the Fund also meets with companies to provide advice and feedback on their ideas, and offer input on investor presentations. These types of meetings are not considered due diligence and are typically conducted prior to, and outside of, the formal due diligence process. This is particularly true for companies that have yet to demonstrate an urgent and compelling market need for their service or product. In such cases, the 30 – 45 day timeline does not apply. The Investment team’s objective through the formal due diligence process is to devote 150-200 hours to develop a deep understanding of a company’s technology, market, team, progress to date, degree of product market fit and business model validation.

Yes, you can apply for assistance or funding, however you will need also need to present a compelling reason to relocate your business headquarters into the geography that applies to our funds.

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