5 Reasons Why Life is Better in Lubbock, Texas

Alright, alright, alright. We get it. It’s no secret Lubbock, Texas is a win both on and off the court. Although some like to follow the masses, Lubbockites make the play on their own. So, we are taking our shot and sharing with you five reasons why life is better in the “Hub City”.

  • Music may play in other city limits but it was born in Lubbock. Here, musicians create trends and others follow. And, with more live music venues per capita than any other city in the Lone Star State, locals and visitors alike find talent performing every night of the week. 
  • Some may call mosquitoes and dense humidity nature but here in Lubbock we’ll take a few windy days for mostly sunny, low humid weather, every time. Not to mention, our climate is perfectly suited for firing up the grill and joining in the pre-game tailgating fun. And, for that matter, that wind makes up for it with sunsets that serve an incredible backdrop for a game night. 
  • Time is limited, and Lubbockites aren’t spending it in traffic. With our convenient roadways like I-27 and the Marsha Sharp Freeway, you’ll make it around the city in a mere 15 minutes, making catching your favorite sports game less stressful.

    Little-Known Fact: When you win a National Championship in Lubbock, you might get a freeway named after you; which leads us to…how about Loop 289 being called Loop Steve Gomez? #GoChaps
  • The people of Lubbock guard the spirit of our town. With more than 260,000 locals and 50,000 students who call Lubbock home, there is no single person who defines Lubbock. Yet, you’ll find when you meet a local, in town or traveling, they each share the same love for their community.
  • Regardless of where you live, the people and opportunities afforded to you are what make a place feel like home. Lucky for us, we live in Lubbock. When the clock is winding down and you want to make the right shot, the “Hub City” is a community that encourages taking risks. You never know – the reward might be a national championship one day. 

When it comes down to it, people choose where they want to live for different reasons. But make no mistake, life is better here because of the people and what is accomplished together. 

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